About blog


About blog

We welcome you to this blog and say hello to you. Of course, I created a page titled About the Blog in order to know about myself and this blog that provides many free information and services. Before I created the blog, I thought about what topics are popular with people, especially young people. I thought over and over again because it would be the first experience in creating a blog for life, and I said to myself that I specialize in informatics and I must talk about what is my specialty in order for the message to reach visitors in the right way.

   👉Information about the blog owner:

     - The owner of the blog, his full name is El Hassan .

     - He was born in Morocco in the 1984  in the city of Agadir.

     - He specializes in informatics and profit from the Internet,           and is very obsessed with it.

    - He likes to explore everything new in the field of informatics in order to share it with visitors for the benefit to spread.

    -  He likes to compete with bloggers in order to increase          motivation.

   - He speaks Arabic, French and English.

  👉Blog information:

         - The blog was established in  2022 .

         -  Headquartered in Morocco.

         - It offers many free services that all Internet users need.

       - Solving blogger problems while providing solutions in the right way.

      -  We try to do what's best for you.

👉Who is the site manager and who is the assistant?

      - Director: EL HASSAN

       -Assistant: There is no assistant

👉What are the services provided by the blog?

   - In fact, the services that we provide are very many, but we will remind you of them.

- Blogger: In this section, we offer to solve code problems and provide plugins with many services related to the Blogger blog.

Profit from the Internet: In this section we focus on profit from the Internet .