How to earn money from Facebook videos - 7 ways to make money from Facebook

How to
earn money from Facebook videos - 7 ways to make money from Facebook

How to earn money from Facebook videos - 7 ways to make money from Facebook

Have you heard of profit from Facebook in the year 2023, and have you seen many people who have achieved thousands of dollars through the Facebook platform, and do you also want to change your life and start earning money from the Internet, then you are in the right place, because in this post on the Earn blog Net, we will learn how to profit from Facebook videos in detail.

Profit from Facebook through videos is among the most common methods on the Internet, and through this method you can achieve more than $ 500 per month in an easy and simple way.

All you have to do is read this post carefully in order to get the most out of it.

How to profit from Facebook videos

The Facebook platform is considered among the largest interactive and used platforms in the world. The Facebook platform has a very large fan base, as the number of Facebook platform users has reached more than 3 billion real and interactive users.

Also, the platform is considered among the most used social sites compared to other platforms such as TikTok and Instagram, and the videos you upload, whether in groups or on pages, are the most interactive on the Facebook platform.

Therefore, profit from Facebook by uploading videos is the best and most appropriate option for you if you want to achieve a decent monthly income through Facebook.

1. How does the Facebook profit program work?

Profit from Facebook is divided into two parts, the first part is profit within Facebook and the second part is profit outside Facebook.

And each section has advantages and some requirements that you will need in order to profit from it, and this is what we will get to know now, as we will learn in detail how to profit inside and outside Facebook.

     👉Profit from within Facebook

Profit within Facebook depends mainly on the content that you provide on the platform, so the more unique and wonderful your content is, the higher your profits.

Therefore, try to take care of the content that you provide and that it be wonderful in all respects, whether in terms of montage or in terms of recitation...etc.

And the most important thing to earn money from within Facebook is the extent to which followers interact with your videos, whether on pages or in groups, and there are three basic ways to earn money on Facebook, which are as follows.

1 Profit from the program (Ad breaks)

The ad break program is a popular program that allows you to place ads on your clips on Facebook, and you can earn through these ads according to the number of views you have achieved in addition to the type of your content, how much is it served per thousand impressions, rpm...etc.

2 Profit from the (Fan Subscriptions) program

The fan subscriptions program is a program that allows profit through your followers, as your follower subscribes on a monthly basis to your page in order to support you.

Unfortunately, however, you cannot profit from anyone through this program except through an invitation from the Facebook platform team. If you are accepted, then you will achieve hundreds or perhaps thousands of dollars through this method.

3 Profit from the Branded Content program

Branded content program is a program that helps content makers on Facebook in cooperation with various companies and brands.

This program helps companies and major brands search for content creators on Facebook according to the quality of the content, views...etc.

Content makers can also search for companies through this program to cooperate with them, and it is certain that Facebook will cut a percentage of the profits in exchange for your cooperation.

         👉Earn off Facebook

Profit from outside Facebook is among the most common ways to profit from Facebook videos, and you can make more than $2,000 through this method.

Profit from outside Facebook depends mainly on the content that you provide outside of Facebook, because you will simply use the Facebook platform as a marketing tool only.

Also, these methods depend on the audience network program, and this program is very similar to the way to profit from Google Adsense, which a large number of people depend on as their main source of income.

You can earn through the audience network program in several ways, the most famous of which are:

  • Applications.
  • Games (Instant Games).
  • Website pages.
  • Instant Articles.

Why does Facebook want to enter so badly in the field of video?

The Facebook platform wants to compete with the Google platform in addition to the YouTube platform in various fields, so it turns to the video field, according to Cisco statistics, more than 83 percent of the traffic will be through videos.

Among the most important programs that Facebook designed for its competitor Google, we mention:

  • The Audience Network program of the Facebook platform, which is the first competitor to the Google Ads program of the Google platform.
  • The ads in the applications and games compete with the Google admob program for the Google platform.
  • The AD Break program for the Facebook platform is the competitor to the Google adsense program for profit from YouTube.

Ad Breaks platform to profit from Facebook videos

As we said earlier, the AD Break program is a program affiliated with the Facebook platform and allows you to place ads on videos on your page, and you will achieve high profits according to the views you have achieved.

However, you cannot win through ad break ads unless you meet the following conditions, including:

  • To have a Facebook page and not a personal account.
  • Your Facebook page should have more than 10,000 subscribers.
  • To achieve more than 600 thousand minutes during the last 60 days.
  • Your video must be at least 3 minutes long.
  • The language you speak must be supported by the Facebook platform.
  • The country in which you reside must be eligible for profit from the Facebook platform.

How to enter the Facebook studio to find out if you are eligible to profit from Facebook:

Log in from here: creator-studio

What is the profit rate from Facebook videos

There are many factors that affect the extent of your profits on the Facebook platform, including RPM, which simply means how much profit you will make on every 1000 views.

And the RPM differs from one channel to another, depending on the size of the views, in addition to the quality of your content and the country in which your videos are watched.

  According to statistics, the RPM rate often ranges between $ 0.25 to $ 7, and this number is very low compared to YouTube, in which the RPM rate sometimes reaches more than $ 25.

But do not say to yourself that the profits of Facebook are very few compared to other platforms, as you must take into account a set of points, namely:

- The duration of Facebook videos is very short and often does not exceed 6 minutes, which will replace a little effort unlike other platforms.

The Facebook platform publishes your videos at a rapid pace.

You can simply place many ads in one video in order to increase profits.

Indirect ways to profit from Facebook videos

There are also many indirect ways to profit from Facebook, and most of these methods are very profitable and you can make hundreds or perhaps thousands of dollars a month from them.

And the most important thing in order to profit through these methods is to have a large number of interactive followers on your Facebook page, because you will make your page as a marketing tool.

Among the most important ways to profit from the Facebook platform indirectly, we find:

  • Marketing your products.
  • Promote your services.
  • Bring visitors to your blog on the Internet.
  • Bring visitors to your online store.

Golden tips to increase profits in Facebook videos

Many people think that once the videos are uploaded to Facebook, they will be popular and make high profits from them, and after a while they will be surprised by the lack of views and followers, simply because they work randomly and without organization.

And now we will get to know the most important tips and points that will greatly help you grow your page on Facebook and get high profits, among them.

  • Your video must be more than 5 minutes long in order to place a large number of ads on your video.
  • Never place ads on your videos in a random way, you must put them in an interesting clip in order for the follower to continue watching the video.
  • Publish your videos at a time when most of your followers are on the Facebook platform.
  • Post continuously and without interruption.

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